Branchout Studios is a multimedia agency

Clients trust our unique team for brand experiences.  Our focus is web design, photography, live events, corporate and documentary filmmaking.

 Share with us your idea and we’ll rack our brains to make it a reality!



Branchout Studios history began in 2008. Chris Middleton’s background in design and web development served ministries and businesses with modern web design and flash animation. Jess Gorham came on board in 2012 bringing with him all things tech, construction, and a creative approach to set design. Brenda Yelvington is the newest member of the team with a background in business, theater, music, and documentary filmmaking.

Carrot Dirt Organics - Beet Box


Our team is experienced in sound design, video production, theater production, music production, web design and professional photography. We transform spaces into dynamic event venues with sound, lights, video projection and set design. We tell a story through film and still images that captures the essence of your company and the social media expertise to introduce you to the world.

Go ahead and dream BIG. We can handle it.

Experian Video Production


It all starts with you.

When you walk in our door with an idea or a need, we listen. Then we take your idea/need and bring it to life with design, motion, imagery and sound never losing sight of who you are and where you want to go.

…and along the way, we make a lot of friends, drink mountain dew, coffee, and eat vegan snacks (or at least Brenda eats the vegan snacks).

Pernod Ricard USA - Stage Design